Tuesday, August 15, 2023

More Maine Moose

As our summer in Maine winds down, we are still finding more moose. Read about it here in the Bangor Daily News (although they have an annoying paywall, so you can only read a couple of free stories a month - sorry - but can see our quick 1 min moose video here). But if you've never visited the state, it's splendid in so many ways, not the least being the weather (well, except for winters). This year, while the rest of the country sweltered, we'd wake up to 50s/60s almost every day and mostly 70s high (and not a whisp of smoke from the Canadian fires which was weird since they were so clase). Expecting around a 100 when we return to the South soon. Oh joy.


jabblog said...

Your search for moose has not been in vain. There's something very endearing about them, rather like Eeyore.

Chatty Crone said...

I watched the video - How lucky you are to be able to go and cool off in Maine.