Thursday, June 27, 2013

Exotic Coffees

While I can embrace the invigorating morning aroma of freshly brewed coffee percolating in the kitchen, I’ve never found the taste as rewarding as the fragrance. Perhaps I should invest in fancier blends, instead of buying the local discount store’s two-for-one, past used-by date, bargain brand, “Grounds for Complaint.” Read more here.


  1. My daughter used to manage a coffee shop and used to give us samples of some exotic brews.

    I'm just wondering now how exotic they actually were.



    I'm sticking with 8 o'clock from now on!

  2. Wow! After reading that article I shall look at coffee in a new light.

  3. I know what you mean about coffee. I sometimes think that about new baked bread too. Ah, well, it's better for us to sniff rather than consume, I guess!

  4. I love the fragrance of coffee, but I do not usually take it!

  5. I have to say - I love coffee - and I love the smell! sandie

  6. I like hot coffee in the winter and sometime I love hot tea. Summertime I prefer iced coffee and tea! My daughter recently bought coconut flavored coffee! Great post! I am new following you..

  7. The scent of fresh brewed coffee in the morning is heavenly. I also like the flavor of coffee as long as it has my favorite flavored creamer in it.

    A friend of mine gave me some dark roasted Columbian coffee for Christmas. It smelled great while brewing but it was so strong it grew hair on the bottom of my feet.

    The political coffees are especially amusing.

  8. I completely forgot your grade... Silly me!


    1. Phew, thought I was going to have to repeat the class.