Thursday, June 25, 2015

Happy Birthday June Lockhart - 90 Today

Since the 1960s, June Lockhart has been widely recognized as the practical and protective TV mom from “Lost in Space” and “Lassie.” But her extensive career stretched beyond zany aliens and courageous canines. Her body of work includes some 200 stage, film, and TV roles – including two seasons on “Petticoat Junction” and numerous television guest-starring appearances since the 1950s. Westerns were among her favorites full interview in the
Santa Monica Mirror.

While preparing for the interview, I watched some of her early TV westerns. An episode of “Wagon Train” (The Sarah Drummond Story) dealt with the settlers’ predictable attitude to the local “Indians.” What struck were the final words of June’s character:

 “It’s the young we’ve got to worry about, they learn to love and hate quicker than anybody else depending on how we teach them.”


Saimi said...

I loved her as the mom on the Lassie show, I never missed an episode but I had no idea she was the same person on Lost in Space - but then I was a kid back then so what did I know....Danger Will Robertson, danger haha

Janie Junebug said...

June was all over the place. I remember her best from Petticoat Junction and Lost In Space. She's so beautiful. She went to high school with Shirley Temple.